the countryside is the place for a good time
It's all there in the countryside, unbridled nature, passion, hidden secrets and rare treasures.
having a good time on holiday

A good time
People repeat holidays that they recall fondly.

value for money breaks

Value for money
We all want good value
during our holidays .

making friends

Making friends
People contribute to a holiday's success.

Come on a holiday to the country with an open mind and discover

It's when you leave your country cottage and venture into the depths of the great British countryside that wonderful things occur.

Some of things that happen you will never ever forget.

Memories of self catering holidays in the countryside:

For a city child, the countryside represents adventure and freedom. Instead of being confined to a house, there is a never ending expanse of open garden to explore and new sensations. I still vividly remember building houses with hay and playing inside them. For a city kid that was the first time I had made a den. We children spent hours playing there, without any adult supervision or fear. Stooks of hay may be long gone but the opportunity to build dens using whatever materials can be found on woodland floors is still there.

Some memories are simply magic. People who live in towns and cities never experience the complete blackout and skies full of stars that are found in country areas without any street lighting. Walking home after being out late into the evening is a new experience, ever so slightly scary when walking past black woods with shadows across the path and more stars than one count count above.

paddling in a river in the countryWading and paddling in cold shallow rivers is another pleasure that one never forgets. Testing one's balance and leaping from one large stone to another. Feeling the freezing cold water run over your toes, looking out for brown trout and weed. These are real childhood joys. Forget computers and games, these types of memories stay with you forever.

People of all ages who like animals are excited when they spot a wild creature in its native habitat. To see that unusual butterfly, large numbers of rabbits eating grass on roadside verge as one still does in Scotland, a fox running stealthly across a field in pursuit or a group of badgers at play are all exciting events. Stay anywhere out in the sticks and you too will come across unexpected wildlife. The New Forest, Bodmin Moor in Cornwall, Exmoor and Dartmoor in Devon all have freely wandering wild ponies for visitors to encounter.

Many people do not realise that they can encounter seals on our quiet and secluded beaches, comical puffins that disappear into burrows and watch birds of prey soaring silently overhead. There are nature reserves up and down the length of Britain where one can go to watch birds; flocks of migrating Canada geese, flocks of stately swans and ospreys. However, even the most humble rural landscape can entrance and excite. Red squirrels are a novelty in bluebells in woodland and countrysideScotland, visit any woodland in Scotland for numerous finches of all colours. There are cycle paths, bridle paths and trails throughout most forests in Brtian where families can hire bikes and go mountain biking.

There are specific self-catering cottages that offer bicycle hire as a free service to their guests and where better to cycle than through tranquil and pretty countryside? Find out more about holiday cottages with bicycle hire.

At times, following footpaths during the course of a walk can take us across fields with cows, goats or just great cow pats that the unwary can fall into. At the least it's great fun avoiding the country messes and it can also get quite exciting when a herd of cows starts to follow you, mooing to each other as they approach, or a horse comes galloping alone down the lane. It's the unpredictable events in the country that create drama and everyone will have their own personal encounter to laugh over later.

Some of the views one comes across are equally sensational. Heather glowing pink en-masse on the moors is a magnificent sight. Our woodland floors with a breathtaking sweetly scented mist of bluebells are ravishing. Discovering wild orchids in the West Country and succulents draped in mats over rocks in Cornwall is quite amazing. Daffodils grow wild in clumps around the lakes in Cumbria.

The countryside has many treasures to offer all ages, it's just a case of getting out there to find them. Rent a country cottage for a holiday and go out and about on a journey of discovery. For masses of wildlife rent a log cabin for a holiday in Scotland.

national parks

National Parks and farmland
Hundreds of acres of open land for walks and nature rambles from your holiday cottage.

country fresh food

Country fresh food
Farmer's markets are a source of high quality delicious local produce for your holiday.