many of us dream of country living
For lovers of the countryside, it is a dream to have at least a weekend cottage, if not a permanent home , rent a country cottage and discover a rural sanctuary
having a good time on holiday

A good time
People repeat holidays that they recall fondly.

value for money breaks

Value for money
We all want good value
during our holidays .

making friends

Making friends
People contribute to a holiday's success.

Live the dream in the country - a balanced life

Leave stress behind

Many of us dream of living in the country, to leave behind the daily commute, the anonymity, indifference and lack of community that are found in urban areas.

People in a rural community tend to all know one another and more importantly take an interest in their neighbours. There is none of the concept of living in a street for 20 years and not knowing more than the immediate neighbours that one finds in towns in the UK. Everything is smaller in rural areas and people get together for events or meet outside the mobile greengrocers to exchange a few words.

country lifeCommuting wastes an enormous amount of time in towns and cities. Sitting in a traffic jam is most unproductive. People in the countryside may indeed work longer hours than in the cities but it is being engaged in something positive, of value. The problem with moving to that idyllic country cottage is often employment; the need to be able to continue to work in the sticks. The Internet has opened up teleworking opportunities that enable distance working with minimal attendance at the office.

The ideal is to run an Internet business that leaves people free to work from any location, otherwise the only other real time when people can move to the country is during retirement.

It is a pity to have to wait decades before fulfilling some dreams. Rural properties that come with a decent amount of land are not cheap although affordable for people who have a city home to sell in a desirable area and can build up sufficient capital.

For many it is the thought of being able to have their own menageries; chickens, geese, goats and ducks running around, a personal duck pond and that sit on mower. Walks in the countryside, drinks with neighbours at the local pub and carol concert at the centuries old parish church all attract. And not having to spend 3 hours a day commuting, not having to spend a fortune on fuel, office wear, grooming and many other city expenses that add little to quality of life.

There is no one to see or care that you spend your day in jeans or wellies in the country, or that you don't begin your work day until 11 am.

In the country, one can build on those long standing ambitions of running a herb farm, developing and selling rare plants, keeping ponies, owning a wood burner or whatever else you may associate with life in the country.

It may take a little while to work towards fulfilling your dreams of country living, in the meantime, enjoy regular forays in the countryside with country cottage breaks. It's good to get to know different areas and find that ideal rural location for your own country home and the only way you can do that is by exploring on holiday. The factors that make a huge difference where we live are:

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national parks

National Parks and farmland
Hundreds of acres of open land for walks and nature rambles from your holiday cottage.

country fresh food

Country fresh food
Farmer's markets are a source of high quality delicious local produce for your holiday.