making friends in the country
Be friendly and you will make friends.
having a good time on holiday

A good time
People repeat holidays that they recall fondly.

value for money breaks

Value for money
We all want good value
during our holidays .

making friends

Making friends
People contribute to a holiday's success.

It's easy to make friends in the country - every visitor is a new opportunity

Depending on where you go, country folk don't have that many visitors so warmly welcome any they get.


making friends in the countryThere are locations in Britain where a visitor is an intriguing novelty, someone to be gawped at, interrogated and opinions saught. People who need to visit truly remote locations in Britain and Ireland to receive such personal interest, in the Outer Hebrides for example.

It is generally true that a stranger is noticed in small rural communities although saying that, any popular tourist destinations in Britain and Ireland experience a huge influx of visitors during the summer holidays and local people become accustomed to large numbers of strangers about and do not take a great deal of notice.

People living in the country generally have the manners and time to greet one another and will exchange a few words. Country life is different from city life and the presence of other people is at least acknowledged.

There are literally thousands of country cottages rented out all year round to guests. Some farmers depend on the self catering business for their livelihood. These cottage owners will always be gracious and friendly because it is useful for them to have repeat business rather than constantly spend money on advertising. Some cottage owners develop a strong rapport with their guests that turns into genuine friendship.

It is good to exchange views and have a bit of banter in holiday with other cottage guests, cottage owners and local people. Visitors gain an insight into their lives, local issues, the self catering cottage business and they gain your views. Everyone shares a little of their own personal world and everyone is happier for it unless they have conflicting views.

It is often the people that we spend time with on holiday that make that big difference to our experience and and memories. There are encounters with people from all walks of life each time we step out of our holiday cottage and go into a shop, a pub, on the bus or at a visitor attraction. People can be most interesting and memorable for a variety of reasons; the ones who have never been abroad, those who have held unusual jobs such as firework display organisers, farmers and indeed anyone with a way of life different from our own.

The other friends during rural holidays we make are with the animals we encounter. Stay on a farm to make friends with the farm dogs, the goats and horses, all of whom will appreciate a tit bit or two.

national parks

National Parks and farmland
Hundreds of acres of open land for walks and nature rambles from your holiday cottage.

country fresh food

Country fresh food
Farmer's markets are a source of high quality delicious local produce for your holiday.