peaceful and tranquil country holidays
Eascape to where the landscape is green and calming, and one's eyes gaze on nothing but beauty.
having a good time on holiday

A good time
People want more good times.

value for money breaks

Value for money
It feels good to get value.

making friends

Making friends
Friendly people help make a holiday good.

Peaceful and lovely rural locations for cottage holidays

More than national parks

There is a good number of national parks in Britain and Ireland that provide recreational land in the countryside where people can enjoy sports and country pursuits. Some people are surprised that parts of national parks are farmed. Farmers are encouraged to play an active role in preserving rural habitats and encouraging wildlife. Indeed many farmers have a natural interest in flora and fauna.

There are villages to visit in national parks and above all a huge number of diverse walks that allow one to fully appreciate the countryside. Find out more about self catering cottages in National parks in England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales:

self catering accommodation in national parks in Scotland

National parks in Ireland, self catering near Glenveagh national park in County Donegal, accommodation Connemara national park

self catering cottages in national parks in Wales

The only trouble with holidays in national parks is that although your evenings and nights are likely to very peaceful, the parks are hugely popular and people inevitably make some noise.

Tranquil places - nature reserves

nature reserves As one would imagine, there are more tranquil locations in areas with low population density such as remote regions of Scotland and rural areas of northern England and Wales. There are real gems in the countryside that are secluded and peaceful despite being within a stone's throw away from civilisation.

Apart from national parks, some lovely areas are nature reserves. These may be fairly small reserves around lochs in Scotland or lakes in England and Wales, haunts of waders and other birds. Some of the most peaceful are on the Isle of Anglesey, especially around the coast - places where wildlife thrives and few people go. Rent a secluded country cottage near a nature reserve and be assured of a tranquil holiday bird watching, walking and photography. There are nature reserves in coastal areas and rural areas inland and are perfect locations for a simple log cabin holiday or country cottage break.

secluded self catering cottages
Areas of outstanding natural beauty

areas of outstanding natural beauty A number of beautiful areas have been given the status of 'Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty'. Sometimes this is just a small patch of countryside but can equally be a fairly large area such as the Isle of Anglesey in north west Wales and the Isle of Wight just off the south coast of England.

The interior of the Isle of Wight could be described as one big nature reserve surrounded by the coast and seaside resorts. This sort of classification helps let people know which areas are beautiful and worth visiting. See country cottages in areas of outstanding natural beauty for a self catering holiday surrounded by stunning views.

national parks

National Parks and farmland
Hundreds of acres of open land for walks and nature rambles from your holiday cottage.

country fresh food

Country fresh food
Farmer's markets are a source of high quality delicious local produce for your holiday.