Rent a country cottage IN THE UK OR IRELAND
Spend blissful hours out in the meadows spotting wild flowers - enjoy walks of discovery.
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A good time
People repeat holidays that they recall fondly.

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Value for money
We all want good value
during our holidays.

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Making friends
People contribute to a holiday's success.

Country Cottages in the UK

Rent a self catering cottage in England

country cottages in England A rural break in England is as varied as the fillings in a box of chocolates. The heartland of England is farming country. Head for Herefordshire and Shropshire to lose yourself in a myriad intertwining country lanes. Cottages stand in peaceful seclusion down hedgrow lined lanes. It is almost essential to leave a trail back to your cottage when you go out so that you can find your way back to holiday home in the evening.

England has a large number of treasured rural places from the far south in Cornwall up to the rugged moorlands of Northumberland, each a tranquil sanctuary.

Country cottages in England
Rent a self catering cottage in Scotland

country cottages in scotland Scotland is a mysterious land steeped in history and bloody battles. Solid castle rise up to watch out for foes on many a hill. Guests renting cottages and log cabins in Scotland are much more likely to meet very different foes in today's Scotland. The midges of the west coast are notorious for 'eating people alive' at certain time of year and day, at least with a cottage to return to at any time you can hide until the coast is clear. Tourists feel that Scotland's scenery is worth any effort. The best times to holiday in Scotland are May to September. Scottish winters in the Highlands are suited to skiers only.

Country cottages in Scotland
Rent a self catering cottage in Wales
country cottages in wales Rent a country cottage in Weales, perhaps somewhere near the new coastal path that runs from Crofty in north Wales to Mumbles in the south and provides 1,400 km of unbroken sea views along its length. The beaches of Wales are superb seaside holiday destinations and depending on where you go, can be almost empty and good for family breaks. The Gower coast is especially beautiful. There are also dog friendly beaches, especially from October to the end of April, perhaps not the time for sunbathing but still very good for walks on the beach. Stay slightly inland, in the countryside for a sheltered location, a walk or drive away from the coast.

Country cottages in Wales
Rent a self catering cottage in Ireland
country cottages in Ireland Rent a cottage for a holiday in Ireland. Outside Dublin and the big cities, rural Ireland is magical. Ireland exports beef, whiskey and horses. Go see studs in Ireland, fields where horses can be seen in dozens. Ride a horse over the sands of an Irish beach.
Golf, fishing and pubs are usually extolled in Ireland, the landscape of southern Ireland and Cork is praised but there are so many more beautiful rural landscapes to discover. For some Galway is THE place for a rural escape. Rent an Irish country cottage and find a peaceful escape for yourself.

Country cottages in Ireland
national parks

National Parks and farmland
The Uk has some wide expanses of national parkland preserved for the nation.

country fresh food

Country fresh food
Be eco-friendly and buy locally grown food for your table during your self catering break.