Rent a cottage in the country for pleasure
People come from afar to experience British countryside.
having a good time on holiday

A good time
People repeat holidays that they recall fondly.

value for money breaks

Value for money
We all want good value
during our holidays .

making friends

Making friends
People contribute to a holiday's success.

Cottages to rent in the country for pleasure and leisure

Discover the joy of watching the sunset

watch the sunset from your country cottageWhen was the last time that you actually sat and watched the sun go down and admired the glowing colours trailing across the sky?

So much beauty is out there available to all. It is just a case of making the time to see it. We tend to rush around being busy and missing all those magic moments. Rent a cottage in the country, away from all distractions and discover time again, nature and doing things purely for pleasure.


Explore country activities

thatched village of Broadhembury in rural Devon Going for a walk down country lanes can be fascinating, all kind of things go on. We have seen thatchers at work, re-thatching the roof of a pretty whitewashed country cottage. The thatching is apparently done with reeds which are tied into bundles and laid on the roof, then fastened down. Done properly, the roof is then watertight and insulates the cottage well.

Eco-friendly and sustainable forms of roofing and building are increasingly popular, not only in the countryside. There is almost a complete thatched village at Broadhembury in east Devon.

Strange sights in the country

country events horse at the pub We have seen all kinds of strange happenings in the country that were totally unexpected. Each walk brings a new surprise. Anyone going for a walk would expect to see tractors, combine harvesters and ploughed fields. There are plenty of those and hedgerows thick with honeysuckle and wild flowers, birds darting about and the occasional rodent scurrying across the road. We have also seen hot air balloons come down in the fields in front of us and helped with packing them away, a horse accompanying its owner to the pub for a drink - both of these in Devon.

In Scotland we have come across ancient stone circles in woodland that leave one wondering about their purpose, red deer standing stock still and carefully watching us.

There are interesting country traditions, crafts and so much more. You just need to rent a country cottage somewhere blissfully rural and wait for it all to happen.


And if you want to explore various rural parts of Britain

If you would like to book a country holiday but don't really know where to stay, do a little reading about various beautiful rural parts of Britain. The following pages might stimulate a few ideas:

national parks

National Parks and farmland
Hundreds of acres of open land for walks and nature rambles from your holiday cottage.

country fresh food

Country fresh food
Farmer's markets are a source of high quality delicious local produce for your holiday.